Uncovering innate innocence and joy

We are born out of the gift of life, the miracle of creative powers. As children we feel connected to the wholeness of the natural world around us, to the stars, earth, sea, wind and rain. We live in communion with nature’s majesty.

With growth comes our development with the human realm and our attachment to others. The quality of our nourishment, in the form of the food we consume and the emotional climate that we swim within impacts on our growth in all levels of our being. Experiencing our physical bodies brings one reality and the outer physical world around us provides us with another.

Often therapy needs to address the attachment styles that are formed from a very early age. Often, therapy works to reclaim the purity and innocence of the child’s unique and personal experiences. Often, this is where we find our connection to ourselves, to our passions, to our own truths and ultimately to our inner strengths and joy for life.

Right and left brain integration

Unconscious trauma memory is held over time within the body. The rational mind wishes to ignore the irrational emotional and bodily feelings and the intuitive mind knows the heart of its pain. We are left with a choice: to accept the awful truth that we know in our heart of hearts, or deny the heart its truth and suppress the pain until we can’t feel it any longer. Over time, the primary choice leads to resolution and healing and the secondary choice leads to more complex illness and more pain.

Psychological treatment using both latest scientific researchand ancient wisdom

The Depth Psychology practice, based in Katoomba, has a philosophical basis used by the therapist which recognizes the vast potential that may be unlocked within the human psyche. Originally referred to as the “soul,”  the human psyche has, at its roots,  total consciousness.

Using a framework from Positive Psychology, which draws on a person’s strengths and sense of personal integrity, and through Narrative Therapy’s “relational languaging,” therapy confers confirmation and acceptance in personal experiences. Therapy works to reclaim the original self which is whole and wise.


Consider the words of Albert Einstein:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.”