Q & A

Do I need a doctor’s referral to see you?

No. You can come privately. However, a GP can complete a Mental Health Care Plan in about 30 minutes which then can be used in order to receive a Medicare rebate after payment for a session of psychological therapy.

Can I use private health insurance?

Yes but each insurance company and policy details vary. Generally private insurers expect that the Medicare rebates have been exhausted before covering a private session.

Do you bulk-bill?

Generally the method for receiving sessions by bulk-billing (i.e. no up-front costs) is available through the ATAPS programme (Access To Allied Psychological Services.) ATAPS is government-funded and managed in our local Blue Mountains area by the Nepean Blue Mountains Medicare Local. In order to access this programme you need to be receiving a government benefit or pension as your main source of income. Other means of bulk-billing are used in exceptional circumstances.

How long are the sessions?

The sessions are generally one hour in duration.

How many sessions can I access?

Medicare rebated sessions are limited to 10 per calendar year. There are 2 referrals made by the GP over this time. The first allows 6 sessions and the second allows four. The ATAPS programme can provide 2 referrals of 6 sessions each in a calendar year.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

There is a requirement that 24 hours notice is given during working hours so that another client may access that time slot. A charge of $150.00 will be made if no notice is given. In the event of an emergency, illness or other situation which is out of the client’s control, then the charge will be waived.

What does it cost?

The current fee is $180.00 per hourly session. The present rebate is $87.60 A reduced rate is available for financial hardship.